Saturday, 7 February 2009

Buddy Holly glasses (+ news?)

I am currently sat typing the most difficult/stupid email I have ever written. It almost hurts. But enough about that. On tuesday, at work, rather than working, I wrote the following
I am wearing the Buddy Holly glasses. 3 pairs of them. Did you know that Buddy Holly died 50 years today? Did you know that? February 3rd 1959. He was 22 years old. Also the Big Bopper and Richie Valence died in the same plane crash but I do not know how old they were and they did not wear this type of glasses.
You can go read Twins on the website Titular Journal.

The Lifted Brow will be publishing an illustration called 'You Look Like This' in their next issue. Due, not sure when.

Over the next couple of weeks I play some Winston Echo shows. Most of the shows are with Tea & Toast Band and the man who is them makes wonderful videos. Also there is a show with poet Ross Sutherland and lady Line & A Dot, both of whom are responsible for the following video

Things to Do Before You Leave Town - a poem by Ross Sutherland from Line & a Dot on Vimeo.

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