Sunday, 1 March 2009

If I was made of germs I would focus real hard to the point where I could control the movement of the germs and have them form massive shapes so my body would no longer look like a human body. However. If I was filled with germs I would cut open my belly and watch the thick syrup of germs come seeping from the hole and it would look glittery like the trail a slug leaves behind as it trickled to the nearest drain or cracked floorboard.

The first part of this post is the address for the new blog I made to represent my new 'publishing' 'venture'. It is called Bureau De Books and it is a project which I have undertaken with my landlord/colleague/co-conspirator and with which we intend to spread things we like, far and wide. So keep an eye on that for extra information.

The second part is a sample from a story I started writing. Sometimes I worry that I will never finish anything ever again or that if or when I do finish things, that they will not actually be 'finished', rather they will be things I am bored of and have decided that I do not want to work on them anymore and it is easier to say they are finished and just let them 'exist' regardless of quality. I think this is something I already do.

Tomorrow I am taking a late night coach journey to Paris. I hope it goes well.


Crispin Best said...

bureau de books looks good

i'm waitig

Crispin Best said...

ha ha ha


j said...

good work baby

Crispin Best said...

by the way
lesley joseph

it was good