Monday, 16 March 2009

'New' story @ The Pygmy Giant :: 'Basement'


this is Ewan / Megacat. He is looking at a box of books called 'It is not possible to make a mistake'

Last friday BBC Radio Northampton broadcast a pretty shakey interview with myself and Cath about "that book" and also about Bureau De Books. If you, for someone reason, I don't know what reason, maybe yr mentally ill, or you get off on hearing the sound of two giggling morons try try trying to string a sentence together, then you can download a podcast from the Weekender website.

God. I wish I had something better to write about on here. I feel like such a whore. Maybe if people went and bought some more copies of "that book" then I would be able to stop going on about it.

Here is something I posted last week and then took down, I am feeling that
I would quite like to put it back up now, and now I am saying that it is a
poem. I think I am allowed to do that.

HR can die
This morning I found out that I failed in an interview for a job I have been doing for the past 12 months
People and their excuses are so false
I feel like doing something grand in retalliation
But I know that instead I will probably just email friends and bitch about things some more
I feel like nothing right now

I feel like I have been punched in the stomach by someone in HR
And that person just said something about "specific examples"
And I said "you're joking right?"
She didn't like that, but I don't really give a shit

And I'll be making this all clear when I go to work tomorrow.

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Crispin Best said...

thank you for your spirited link

i listened to your radio show
well done, team bdb

ewan/megacat looks exactly like (my current charge) lily
maybe they would 'share certain interests'
maybe they would 'hate each other in a violent way'
maybe they would 'get on alright'