Friday, 3 April 2009

Go Man Go!

I have a new story
it is on the thing called For Every Year
(which is 'noble' and ambitious and that's why I love you)

Greg Lytle made the following video to accompany Kathryn Regina's forthcoming chapbook
it is a bit special, you should watch it 3 times in a row at least

I really enjoyed this thing what Ani Smith has written
she uses the word 'splotchy' which feels either perfect or ridiculous or ridiculously perfect (ha)

This afternoon I made a 'cake' using a lot of MANGO
Too much MANGO
The MANGO stopped the cake from being a cake
Now what I have is
MANGO pudding
It tastes nice
(would you like some?)
But it looks really really weird.


Matt DeBenedictis said...

Mrs Gardner is the sweet ass jam!

Ani Smith said...

Do you have any mango pudding left?

DJ Berndt said...

I would like some.

Sarah said...

i dont really like mango.
can i have a bit with no mango?
do you know the film Madagascar?
i think you'd urh, like it.
the word verification for this is pollo.
thats like a funny way to say polo.xx

Chris East said...

i posted this 3 days ago
anyone asking for MANGO PUDDING is going to be sorely disappointed

thanks for your interest in Chris East's Mango Pudding. The Chris East Dessert corporation appreciates your support.