Sunday, 11 October 2009


your eyes, peace prize

Had a weird week. It involved 2 trips to London, 2 Winston Echo gigs, 1 trip to the Jobcentre, 1 album called Doolittle, 1 night where I really had a not very nice time and wanted to leave but couldn't.

Often I have nights where I have a not very nice time and want to leave but can't. I just feel stuck. I have to make people think that I am having a nice time whilst I am speaking to them but at the same time I just want to not be near other people or just be near one person or something. I feel like I am really rude and selfish sometimes, and then other times I feel like I am fucking perfect and everyone else is really rude and selfish. I say things like "I guess it's not place to be angry" and "I guess I have no right to expect anything from you" but actually, I mean actually, it is my place and I do have a right. Sometimes I just need to hear an apology or something nice to pull me out of dark shit.

I am finishing listening to all of these things. Turns out that fifteen years ago Chris Morris was the shit. And also 1994 was pretty good for pop music. De La Soul, Frank Black, 2Unlimited. yes yes.

I was unaware that The Prodigy's number 1 UK hit single 'Firestarter' contained a sample from a song by The Breeders. I am in love with Kim Deal a little bit. Here are 2 similar but different pieces of evidence.


Catherine said...

I think you meant to post this one:

Ani Smith said...

I was there Friday. When where you there? You should've said. I would've said something nice to you and then felt awkward / self-conscious and retreated inwardly.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

i hope tuesday wasn't the bad night, bro. if it was you should have put one hand on crispin's chest and the other on my forehead and just pushed us into the gutter. that would have been fun! i'd still have shouted 'you were the best one yeasty!' as you jogged away. maybe crispin would have cried a little though.