Tuesday, 10 March 2009

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I woke up today with black ink all over my hands. I have spent so much time printing the first book from Bureau De Books that I am sick of the swooshing and whirrrring the printer is making. It is running right now.
Actually. I don't mind. I think that we have made something pretty good and I am really proud of everyone who contributed and also excited because I know there are loads of great people and friends out there who did not get the chance to be involved this time round and I can not wait to start thinking about the next project. There are a few 'ideas' floating around maybe.

I have been trading emails with some people and will soon have a few more stories published but you'll know more about that when I am ready to let you know.

Yesterday I went to Nero coffee shop in Northampton and bought a cup of tea. It was like £1.50 and I thought that was expensive but then I was reminded that in Paris I paid more than £4 for tea and £35 for 3 cocktails. Does that mean Northampton is better than Paris? Or does it mean that the people of Northampton are poorer than the people of Paris? I then went to eat Chinese food and watch my housemate buy walking boots. Then I came home to do more printing.

When I was in Brighton last week my friends in The Bobby McGees and I made some music and I read some stories over the top and recorded this and they came out 'quite nice'. If you'd like you could listen to one now (it is the audio version of this story here)

AUDIO :: 80's Love Songs

I also started a new project here which you could decide to follow. But, y'know, whatever.

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