Friday, 13 March 2009


You can now buy a copy of the book called IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A MISTAKE from the bureau de books page. It is 'available'. What is it? It is a collection which Cath and I put together with work (text and images) from friends/friends of friends/good people based loosely around the Northampton region of the UK, which is where we are. I wrote a story (and a half story) for it.

If anyone would like a copy 'for review pursposes' and can guarantee that they will review it positively, and thus sell at least a further 5 copies, then I will send them one for free. If you are simply looking for a free copy, and can easily afford £2, then I will insist you buy one instead.
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Today I saw two really unattractive redhead twins pushing pushchairs with babies in
Today I drank tea in a cafe I have never been in before whilst drawing pictures and reading Soviet Short Stories
Today I met up with my brother and found out he is soon starting training to become a pro wrestler (this makes me happy and proud, true)
Today I am listening to The Balky Mule and Lil Wayne on repeat
Today I am working on part 5 of my 'novel' which is called Chick Magnet

so yeah
email me ok

and this is a video what i made ages ago, thought I'd post it here as it is pre-blog


Crispin Best said...

happy is a good video

a fledgling said...

happy is a great video