Sunday, 24 March 2013

Random-article-at-Wikipedia event (return)
I'm totally terrified of responsibility and I think that being responsible for killing myself would probably suck the most out of anything and that I would just be thinking "gah, this is lame and I am almost definitely going to screw this up and make a mess and people will not feel sorry for me, they will just think I suck." Maybe if the person I was into died of natural causes I would be sad forever but I think I would really struggle with the other thing.
Afrikaans is cool.  It's like you don't even need to know how to spell things, you can just make a rough guess and it'll probs work out fine.  Why go to school anyway?
I was in bed and there was a moth and it was bugging me and bothering my bedside lamp and I swung my arms about and eventually it stopped or disappeared into thin air or something and then I felt something in my mouth and the mouth had got inside my mouth and I didn't realise straight away because I thought it might have been something else and I poked at it with my tongue and wondered and then put my finger in between my teeth and cheek meat and scooped it out and yes it was a wet dead mouth and I felt sick and coughed up and drank just water for 24 hours.  Also, do moths live in cereal boxes if they want to?
The paramilitary is to the military as the Paralympics is to the Olympics?   Is that right?  Hey wikipedia, seems like if someone qualifies as a paralympian that maybe you would explain what his deal is?  You got a stub on your hands.  STUB.  This guy is a runner?  Is it a deal like the guy who shot that lady?  With the big metal springs for running on?