Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Got a job interview tomorrow
wish me luck

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

RadioTimes @ xmas

In preparation for a trip to New York I will be doing next month (staying in Brooklyn for 10 days, hit me back if you wanna hook up) have been watching some of the finest US reality TV available. The two shows really, I think from my very ltd experience or knowledge, really do cover the true range of Western experience. Worry and happiness and greed and failure and envy and joy and excitement and imagination, taking pleasure in the simplest of things but also being an empty egg with a glowing shell.

The name of one of these shows is 'Work of Art'. The other is called 'Man v Food'.

I get excited when I watch these two shows. One is about creating and the other is about consuming, how perfect is that? But, y'know, they are really both about creating and both about consuming. How perfect perfect I'd that?

Sure the one guy is eating a bunch of food that is really a big fuck you to poor people, but it took someone else's brains and hands to make that meal happen. A tattooed and moustachioed man, or a big fat black woman, or an immigrant or something, standing in a restaurant kitchen looks at a plate and says "we can fit more on that plate, we can build upwards." Seems 'urban America', the vertical thrust of skyscrapers meaning a more-than-efficient use of space, both aggressive and excessive. And of course try and chilli pepper yourself to death.

'Work of Art' is maybe the most apt of titles. Premise is: 10 or 12 artists, working in various styles and media, with varying degrees of success, eliminate them one by one following a series of awkward tasks, make them bitch about each other. Artists are silly and jealous and competitive and always angry. If they fail to show any one of these things then they aren't really an artist at all, not really. All of the characters are loveable and laughable at the same time, OCD+ADHD brush up against arrogance and naivety and vanity. And there are prizes! A high profile solo exhibition as well as money. And on one episode a guy won the chance to have his work on the front cover of a Penguin book, and that excited me a lot. A LOT.

One woman got all pissy about how one of the challenges was too commericial or something. I'm pretty sure there was excitement on her face when Sarah Jessica Parker made an appearance.

I don't know. I like it.


Friday, 20 August 2010

Fwd: @chreast on the twitter

Been stunned into silence by 'work' and a general lack of energy and creativity.  Thinking of projects to work on and then never doing anything about it.

Thinking. Ben Brooks looks hot in that one magazine.

Thinking. I miss gmail chats with internet people. Are people still doing that?

A couple of months ago I did a night and showed some films by Socrates A-F and Killen and also CBest and I did a reading of a play which was actually just a transcription of a private/recorded conversation between Gordon Brown and other people.

Thinking. What happened to GoogleWave? It is sad. I like productivity tools.

Going to New York City (NYC) next month. Looking for suggestions of things to do and places to go in NYC. Staying in William Sburg, is that right?

Thinking. Want to be a twitter trend. #chriseastissomewhereoutthere or #thechriseastbrand. Can you help me?

Send me an email.

Got me so down I got me a headache. My heart's crushed in my cranium. Today I found myself in the men's bathroom at work. They are clean and functional and I have no complaints, they make me feel the same way about them every single day, no surprises, and that is good.  Today I found myself waiting to use a hand-drier, stood patiently behind a young man with the drier fan nozzle angled up underneath his striped blue/white collared shirt, one arm on the machine, the other in the air.  The young man looked back at me with a blank face and shrugged, not aggressively, maybe like I was a co-conspirator in something bigger than this. Fuck you, I thought but did not say.

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