Friday, 20 August 2010

Fwd: @chreast on the twitter

Been stunned into silence by 'work' and a general lack of energy and creativity.  Thinking of projects to work on and then never doing anything about it.

Thinking. Ben Brooks looks hot in that one magazine.

Thinking. I miss gmail chats with internet people. Are people still doing that?

A couple of months ago I did a night and showed some films by Socrates A-F and Killen and also CBest and I did a reading of a play which was actually just a transcription of a private/recorded conversation between Gordon Brown and other people.

Thinking. What happened to GoogleWave? It is sad. I like productivity tools.

Going to New York City (NYC) next month. Looking for suggestions of things to do and places to go in NYC. Staying in William Sburg, is that right?

Thinking. Want to be a twitter trend. #chriseastissomewhereoutthere or #thechriseastbrand. Can you help me?

Send me an email.

Got me so down I got me a headache. My heart's crushed in my cranium. Today I found myself in the men's bathroom at work. They are clean and functional and I have no complaints, they make me feel the same way about them every single day, no surprises, and that is good.  Today I found myself waiting to use a hand-drier, stood patiently behind a young man with the drier fan nozzle angled up underneath his striped blue/white collared shirt, one arm on the machine, the other in the air.  The young man looked back at me with a blank face and shrugged, not aggressively, maybe like I was a co-conspirator in something bigger than this. Fuck you, I thought but did not say.

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