Tuesday, 27 January 2009

coat hangers on a monday, blog on a tuesday

Yesterday all I accomplished was buying 10 coathangers. But I did need those coathangers so at least that is something. Now my clothes can be hung up on a rail somewhere.

I also finished writing a story. It's either called 'Twins' or 'The Bigger Person', I'm not too certain yet. It contains the following line.
The Bigger Person just looks in and around his face and sighs. Splinters
and wood shavings cover the floor. The carving knife has been scraped

I also have put a link on this blog to my amazon wishlist. If anyone wishes to buy me a gift, for which I will be certain to reciprocate, then you could do worse than having a look at that. (New & Used is encouraged.)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be playing some gigs around the UK as 'Winston Echo'. If you would like more info on 'Winston Echo', just ask.

Thanks for your time.

(also, does anyone read this? really?)

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Land of Dogs and Junior Skiers

The ground is mainly ice

The ice is mainly solid

The Land of Dogs and Junior Skiers is always winter

Light from the sun and snow bounces

The Junior Skiiers are bold

And excited, they run around

Everything is good to them

The Dogs are the same.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

contest 09

me and someone else are having a competition, she says she can write a story better than anyone else in only 10 minutes, and challenged me, and this is what I did. For now, let's call it '80s Love Songs Blink Bleep Bleep'.

The laptop burns a hole straight in my knees.

I like the heat but it does burn and the pain is the only thing keeps me awake. I am ill and want to sleep.

What to do? What to do?


In the back of my mind there is an image of me marrying or at least having a close relationship with a laptop. It would love me as much as I love it and we would have drinks and the laptop would sing 80s love songs at me when I am trying to read and sometimes it will be sweet but other times it will be annoying. I make the laptop sign a piece of paper that says if the laptop ever cheats on me then I can upload all the pictures of us having nice times with the word 'bitch' scrawled across in blue marker pen. I sign a contract saying if I ever cheat on the laptop then I have to live for 2 years as a woman and then eventually have gender reallignment surgery to turn me into a woman full time, only then will I be allowed to begin the transition back to being a male. The chances are I will like being a woman.

I look deep into the blinking lights by the laptop keyboard and I say that I hate the songs it sings. The laptop tells me it's ok, we can enjoy different things. This makes me content but I also know the sound of sarcasm when I hear it.

*update* there is an AUDIO version of this available to listen to if you click this link

There's no imagination in the blues

I am fucking ill.
I am fucking ill.
I am ill and no one is listening.
There is a cliche that says men (me) demand nursing whilst women get on with it.
2009 is the year of me buying into cliche.
This one cliche at least.

David Berman just told me,

"Please don't say, that my soul has died away."

2009 is the year where I go along with what David Berman says.
When I saw the two people touching at the Mount Eerie show I thought to myself,

"Will I ever feel like that? About music and about another person, and the other person, will they feel the same way about the music? Because without total agreement and submission to the music we both love then the touching is just gratuitous and boring and obscene and a distraction, rather than Unity In Full Effect."

I want to feel like that about music.
And I want to feel like that about another person.
And I want the two to be friends.

"Sentimental as a cat's grave,
Her fucking body broke my eyes,
And she said,
I'm gonna love the hell out of you."

Last night I used a dirty t-shirt as a handkerchief.
This is why I will grow old lonely.