Tuesday, 27 January 2009

coat hangers on a monday, blog on a tuesday

Yesterday all I accomplished was buying 10 coathangers. But I did need those coathangers so at least that is something. Now my clothes can be hung up on a rail somewhere.

I also finished writing a story. It's either called 'Twins' or 'The Bigger Person', I'm not too certain yet. It contains the following line.
The Bigger Person just looks in and around his face and sighs. Splinters
and wood shavings cover the floor. The carving knife has been scraped

I also have put a link on this blog to my amazon wishlist. If anyone wishes to buy me a gift, for which I will be certain to reciprocate, then you could do worse than having a look at that. (New & Used is encouraged.)

Over the next couple of weeks I will be playing some gigs around the UK as 'Winston Echo'. If you would like more info on 'Winston Echo', just ask.

Thanks for your time.

(also, does anyone read this? really?)

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