Sunday, 30 June 2013

Reverend Pike - DIY Vasectomy

Because I recently spent some money on some cheap equipment I thought it might be fun to start ripping some records from my collection that have meant something to me in the past (and seem to be pretty much absent from the internet.)

When I decided to start turning these black discs in 1s and 0s this was the very first thing I reached for.  This 7" was one of the first EPs I ever owned that really made me feel differently about music, and feel like it is something that I could do.  The sleeve is a colour copy of a painting glued to pink paper, ink stamps, hand written notes, it has 'DIY' in the title, it also has the word 'vasectomy' in the title, which as an 18 year old boy is both funny ha ha and funny peculiar. I can't work out how this EP made it into my collection, I think my housemate read the name in a review of some other band, comparing them favourably to Reverend Pike, and apparently that was enough for us to buy copies of this. It's scratchy and noisy and shouty.  I am not going to spend loads of words describing things as it seems a little redundant as you can just listen instead.

DOWNLOAD DIY Vasectomy by Reverend Pike

(It'd be cool if you could download this and let me know that it works, just for my peace of mind)