Sunday, 26 October 2008

papier mache dog head in the woods

story I started

I keep my change in my pocket.

I keep my hand next to my change.

I walk into the woods and the change changes into little rocks that I place on a tree stump. And the stump and the little rocks change into a man wearing a papier mache head shaped to look like a dog’s head.

Through a hole in the papier mache mask he says “who are you and what are you doing?”

I explain that I am not here to cause him harm, and that I walked into the woods as a shortcut on my walk home from work. I explain that I’ve had a tough day at work and that the customers are painful to talk to.

"These are things that do not concern me little boy" the man says in a way that makes him sound like a film set in ancient Rome. I am offended a little by being referred to as 'little boy' because I am a grown up fighting constantly against the immaturity that holds me back from succeeding ever.

"Then don't ask me who I am and what I'm doing then!" I am angry at the man and his stupid papier mache head. He is naked also and that bothers me. "Who are you anyway?"

"My name is Scott and I work for the council, therefore you work for me, you are my employee. Go. Do my bidding."

I push Scott over on the leaves and branches that cover the ground. He doesn't land too hard because of the cushion this debris provides. I reach for his papier mache head. It is shaped like a dog's head and looks stupid and ironic. I hate Scott now and his stupid head. I try and pull it off but he has gripped tight holding of the edges. I pick up a rock. The rock is bigger than my fist and much harder and with coarse edges. I smash the papier mache head until I can see the real human eyes beneath. There is an amount of blood also.

"Do my bidding." Scott is week and crying and still giving instructions. "Do my bidding." I pull that last of the papier mache from his head and now pieces of the dog helmet cover the ground, mixing with the leaves and woodland debris. "Do my bidding."

"What exactly is it you want me to do?"

"Tell me. Tell me, who are you and what are you doing?"

I don't know the answer to the question anymore.

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