Saturday, 20 December 2008

I Can't Believe You Actually Died

Today was a bit warmer than it has been and my back is still sore. Christmas. I am going on a 'snowboarding' trip in January where my intention is to do no snowboarding, I will write stories and songs and draw pictures but I will not snowboard. At work I started writing a story and I really liked it a lot but then for some reason I did not save it on my computer which was stupid. I tried to make a few notes so I could start again. The notes came out like this and I think they work.

Chickens Outside a Pub After a Few Drinks

Drunk fighting

Like chickens

Swearing is chicken noises

“scratching like chicken toes on the gravel”

Clothes are torn up

Afterwards men go to work and live their lives and hug their children

People who work with the man or men ask questions

Men make up lies to cover up scrapes

“It was a football accident or maybe DIY”

The following is recommended by me to listen to when tiredness and loneliness sets IN

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