Thursday, 1 January 2009

contest 09

me and someone else are having a competition, she says she can write a story better than anyone else in only 10 minutes, and challenged me, and this is what I did. For now, let's call it '80s Love Songs Blink Bleep Bleep'.

The laptop burns a hole straight in my knees.

I like the heat but it does burn and the pain is the only thing keeps me awake. I am ill and want to sleep.

What to do? What to do?


In the back of my mind there is an image of me marrying or at least having a close relationship with a laptop. It would love me as much as I love it and we would have drinks and the laptop would sing 80s love songs at me when I am trying to read and sometimes it will be sweet but other times it will be annoying. I make the laptop sign a piece of paper that says if the laptop ever cheats on me then I can upload all the pictures of us having nice times with the word 'bitch' scrawled across in blue marker pen. I sign a contract saying if I ever cheat on the laptop then I have to live for 2 years as a woman and then eventually have gender reallignment surgery to turn me into a woman full time, only then will I be allowed to begin the transition back to being a male. The chances are I will like being a woman.

I look deep into the blinking lights by the laptop keyboard and I say that I hate the songs it sings. The laptop tells me it's ok, we can enjoy different things. This makes me content but I also know the sound of sarcasm when I hear it.

*update* there is an AUDIO version of this available to listen to if you click this link

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Catherine said...

you did this in fact in only 8 minutes