Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A blog post with photos by me

In a moment of desperation and loneliness (ha) I have been looking at pictures I have taken with my mobile phone. I don't take that many pictures, I am just not made that way. I have a good memory and I really do hold on to vivid images and special moments and save them in my head. That is not to say I do not enjoy enjoy looking at pictures of myself and others having fun. According to facebook I can be seen in 332 pictures, and I know that this statistic is wrong because I know that I am not in a handful of pictures, but was 'tagged' in them for comedic effect.

Here are 2 pictures from my phone.

This is from a gallery I visited in Sheffield. I was there for a gig and had been wandering away from the train station towards the city centre. I visited a couple of galleries which were on that route and in one of the galleries, which was located above the public library, way up flights and flights of stairs, there was a dark room with a plastic city made from white milk containers and lit from the inside. I looked closely at this for 10 minutes and it was so intricate and beautifully crafted, I wanted to take pieces of it away with me but thought better of that idea. I do not know who the artist is. I am not good at names.

This is the lake (pond?) in Abington Park here in Northampton. We went to the park to see the most snow in 18 years and to play in it. I was supposed to be at work. I have never liked the snow too much but the sight of hundreds of people across this vast white area all playing and rolling up great balls of dirty snow and pushing them into the river, it was a special thing to see.

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