Sunday, 8 February 2009

Future titles

What follows is a list of titles for stories I am writing or stories I wish to write or stories I would like other people to write so that I can read them and feel happy or sad or smart or pleased that someone would feel compelled to write a story based on something I put on this blog.
  1. The Snow Outside My House Was Too Amazing to be False.
  2. Department Store Basement.
  3. Birds I Have Seen Die
  4. The Break Up
  5. Every Morning I Stand In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror
  6. Lesley Joseph is a Fucking Monster
  7. Watching Other People Make Mistakes is Easy and Hard at the Same Time
  8. The Canoeist
  9. Lesley Joseph Voodoo Doll
  10. You Are Great at Words, Thanks for Nothing
  11. I Don't Want to Stop Seeing You But I'm Not Sure I Know What Else To Do

1 comment:

Crispin Best said...


i just wrote a story called 'portrait of captain planet as a young man'

the story is terrible
the title is fine
but that's not a patch on 3, 6 and 8.