Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Free things in the post

On the weekend I made up a little book to sell at a fair I was going to.
It contains 1 (one) story.
It is not very long.
If you are interested in seeing it I would happily send you one.
You should email me.
It has a colourful cover.
If you live in the UK I will send you it for nothing.
(If you live outside the UK we should sort something out for shipping yeah)
I did not make many of them.

I always have stuff to post.
If anyone ever wants something then they can send me their address and I will send them something.

Work pays for the postage.


Mariana Soffer said...

Hei, I just discovered your blog through imogen, I addeded to my page cause I loved it (which is wierd). I do not write personal stuff in mine cause of work, but if you want you can take a look: singyourownlullaby.blogspot.com
I would love you to leave some sharp, poetic, crazy coments there.
That could be our exchange, cause I live in argentina, otherwise we could do the one you proposed.

j said...

give me one please


j said...

give me one of everything you have