Thursday, 14 May 2009

in the past hour I have written more than a dozen poems but what is a poem

I want you to jump
Off a fifty storey building
And I will have painted
On the inside of all the windows on the way down
How everyone thinks
That you are a massive disappointment


Mariana Soffer said...

Sadly I do not think people care, but you should paint that all the way down, and probably even more.
I can tell you that a poem is a poem. That's all I know

Ben Brooks said...

This is probably a poem.
A survey would show that 78% of people in the world think this is a poem. 4% dont know what poetry is.

If you come to the island and we dont put a fence around the island and neither of us has ID cards or jobs (we "scrounge" off the island) then it will be a big "fuck the BNP community". Please come.

ryan said...

what's not a poem