Tuesday, 9 June 2009


you should go read this
also I have written one of the things
it is called 'Daniel Radcliffe'
(much love to Crispy Breast)
I am wondering if anyone would like to come and visit me in Northampton?
We could hang out.
There is a museum with shoes in it.
I work in a theatre.
Maybe I could get free tickets?
We could maybe go out for a drink or eat Indian food.
What do you think?


xTx said...

daniel radcliffe was so very good.

i will hang out with you. i will buy tickets to fly there and we can drink beer and watch the inbetweeners.

can we also visit ben brooks?

Crispin Best said...

it's funny because i was just about to mention ben brooks

i think he is 'up for anything'

Chris East said...

do i have to be worried that ben brooks is going to show up on my doorstep at any second?

ben you are welcome any time!

and you xtx!

Crispin you should probably make an appointment

xTx said...

crispin can come too..he will bring the donkey punches

Ben Brooks said...

i am almost definitely "up for anything".

Especially filming donkey punches in a shoe musuem.

Daniel Radcliffe was my favourite.
I told crispin and he said "tell chris" and i forgot.

sorry bro.

DJ Berndt said...

I would love to eat Indian food with you.