Wednesday, 10 June 2009

'storys of people shagging spiders' and birds of a feather

someone found my blog by searching 'papier mache dog'
someone found my blog by searching 'driver fucking indian story'
someone found my blog by searching 'storys of people shagging spiders'

a lot of people search for things to with taxi drivers having sex or things to do with Leslie Joseph

should i change the name of my blog to Leslie Joseph

these three women are my heroes
i mean, not really, but they could be

here is a thing about Leslie Joseph


Roberta said...

i want to know why anyone would be googling 'stories of people shagging spiders.' trying to write a weird story? a very specific sexual fetish?

someone found my blog by looking up 'a picture of a small man wearing black kneesocks.' i guess they were disappointed that my blog isn't a small man in hosiery.

Mariana Soffer said...

You should change your blog name in a away that it contains the words Rocco, Jenna Jammeson, Porn, and some other random unexpected words that are often used such as diapers.
The world and the internet are absurd.

Unknown said...

the one in the middle is you chris east. I know this.

Ben Brooks said...

oh no
i have two things.
i dont know what this means

Matt DeBenedictis said...

The lady in the middle owns every Bette Midler album but has never actually listened to them, not once. She just likes how they shine. She calls them "A rainbow on my shelf".

ryan said...

Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker (August 18, 1903 – April 29, 1976) (born Leslie Joseph Tingyou) was an Australian real estate agent who established the firm L. J. Hooker.