Thursday, 23 July 2009


You have been waiting, I know. I said I would post yesterday but I did not, this is because I am both douche and lame.

This is what I was going to tell you all about

Let me introduce you to WINSTON ECHO. WINSTON ECHO is a 'character' I do. No, not a character, it is the name that I make music under. He is at least six years old and has acheived very very little. Sometimes it is fun being WINSTON ECHO and sometimes not as much fun. It is never difficult. He is quite famous.

This show is a chance for me to do something good. I know people. People who are good at things. And I would like for other people (who are not good at things) to be able to experience these things. If you can make it to Northampton you should maybe consider coming along. Here's what's happening.
  • FILM by Rob Bidder (of Tea & Toast Band)
  • COMEDIAN James Acaster
  • Jurassic Park: THE MUSICAL
  • READING from Crispin Best
  • and live music from a band called, INTERNET FOREVER

I refuse to link these things. Use google yeah, it's fucking easy.

I am doing an interview for the radio this afternoon and I am going to read something Crispin Best has written. I hope I don't sound like an idiot.

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DJ Berndt said...

I love you and Crispin and I want you to be my parents.