Friday, 21 August 2009


Some time ago I was emailing out a collection of poems I had been working on called 'If I killed you so what?'

I was quite pleased with the collection and enthusiastic about showing it to people and people seemed to be enjoying it. I was sending it out to some people I did not know and had no contact with previously.

Someone emailed me back and was not very happy that I had sent it to them. This made me feel pretty bad, like I had done something wrong, that I had invaded someone's privacy, and that is a thing you cannot undo.

Then I thought about it a bit more. If you write and put stuff out there, online, and you want people to like what you do, and people do like what you write, and you post your email address, I think that it is ok to send them an email.

I would like it if people emailed me. Strangers. So long as it is something nice.

I would also like it if people wanted to 'chat' with me. Gmail. I am too nervous to invite people to chat a lot of the time. I have no intention of publishing our conversations somewhere on the internet, unless somehow our conversation stumbles upon something incredibly insightful, which is unlikely.


An Unreliable Witness said...

"I have no intention of publishing our conversations somewhere on the internet."

Well, I'm sorry, but that's precisely the reason I can't chat to you on the internet, because you are not going to publish our conversations in the form of a chapbook. Some people, you know, would give parts of their anatomy to medical science in order to publish my Gmail chat conversations - yes, I really am that interesting. To myself, if no one else.

The other crucial thing to remember about Gmail chat is that a red dot does not mean 'stop'. A red dot means 'I want it to look like I'm busy and I have a life. But I don't'.

Cami said...

I always thought the red dot meant "I am having my period and would like some chocolate and a hot water bottle, please."

Ani Smith said...

Whoever that was is a fucktarded gonorrheal dickhole.

[Sorry for swearing. But it's true. Assholes.]

Mariana Soffer said...

It is unberable for me to chat on internet, people start talking to you randomly cause they see you are available, and they are often bored from their 8 to 5 jobs where they do nothing but pile papers and so. You are going to get tired of that soon my firend, talking is much better, use skype instead.

ryan said...

cami park decided to not be my internet friend because i asked her if she was using a desktop or a laptop computer

Pet & Gone said...

i want to read them. please send them to me brandiwells at gmail dot com

you can chat with me on gchat too. i am on a lot during the day because my job is dumb.