Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I am interested in you. Tell me something interesting.

Last night I suffered the deepest paper cut on record. A piece of paper sliced straight through my hand and left me with no fingers. I reattached them with sticky tape and they seem to be ok now. I hope they heel fully. I like my fingers. They are useful.

xTxTxTx put up a story I wrote for her elephant season. It is called Dumbo and it is short enough to read without thinking 'get to the fucking point already' and smashing your face into the computer screen. The 'Elephant Summer' thing has been a lot of good stuff over a short period of time and you should stop being a jerk and look at it already.

Had a thing accepted for the next episode of The Lifted Brow which is both fly and dope because The Lifted Brow is the shit and also because there will be something by Douglas Coupland in there and that makes me laugh until my stomach bleeds and I have to go to hospital for an operation and the doctors say 'what the hell is so funny? you are dying, you know that right?' and I just smile at them and then fade away. The current issue has a picture I drawed in it.

Would anyone like to read a collection I have started working on? It was supposed to be a self-help book of short quotes, but it isn't really that at all. I want you to see it. Email me. chriseast83[AT]gmail.com

I am interested in you. Tell me something interesting.

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DJ Berndt said...

An interesting thing about me is that there is nothing interesting about me.

But I do want to read your collection. I believe you have my e-mail. Thanks dude!