Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I forgot to say a thing about the sea

A little while ago I read that book, The Brandon Book Crisis, and I decided I wanted to throw it in the sea because I did not want it near me anymore but then I did not do that because I got really nervous about throwing stuff in the sea off the side of a commercial vessel and thought someone would approach me and say something like Did you just throw some some crap into the sea? and I would have to think really hard about the question and probably decide that yes I did throw some crap into the sea and then I would have to run away really fast before the sea police came to arrest me for sea littering.

I still have the book. Does anyone want it? If someone sends me a trade they can have it. I feel sick thinking about it.


ty bluesmith said...


An Unreliable Witness said...

how can you "say" such a thing?!

er, I mean, "thing"? Or do I?

I am not sure now how I "feel" about this comment.

I am not writing a "book" about inviting my psychotherapist round to my "flat" to watch me not write my "book" about "not writing" my "book". Would you like a "copy" when it's not finished?

Unknown said...

god no keep it away from me

brandon said...


Ben Brooks said...

i love chris east