Monday, 14 September 2009

1 x end of the road festival ADULT ticket

The Elizabeth Etters Affair seems to have gone cold maybe. Would it be wrong of me to make the rest up? I want to know how the story plays out. Should I go to Canary Wharf with a copy of the email I was sent and Get-To-The-Bottom-Of-This?
Was invited to contribute to Piffle. And accepted. I think it will be an awkward relationship full of stilted conversation and unpleasant sex.
I had a weekend. In some ways it was fantastic and in other ways it was the worst I have ever felt. Emotionally speaking. And I had the house all to myself like Macauley Culking, only not as much fun. I started a fire. Not a big fire, but still a fire.
Preorders are available for the new Bureau De Books book QUESTIONS ABOUT LIFE AND SHIT. It is really good I think.
I have been going through my stuff and need to have a clearout. Ebay is calling me. Maybe you don't know, and why would you because I don't think I ever told you, but I used to run a shop of my own. It sold independent music and zines and other stuff. I now have boxes and boxes of this stuff that I can't get rid of. Would anyone like some? I have CDs and records and cassette tapes and zines and other things. If anyone would like stuff, and it'll be good stuff, you should paypal me some money to and I will send you items worth at least 3 times the value of the money you send. (Minumum £5?)
Here is what it used to look like


Pet & Gone said...

i love piffle

T said...

That picture is pretty fantastic.

Anonymous said...

yaaahh as soon as i get money, i'll wait for cool grab bag of things.

red newsom said...

indie goodie bags, what a good idea!

how did you come to start a fire?

Kevin O'Neill said...

When I have moved house for definite in a week and a bit I would like to send you some money for you to send me some stuff. I would like to give some interesting books to my students as 'prizes'. If I do not email you by Sept 27 please email me at looceeefir at the gmail.