Friday, 18 September 2009

last 20 minutes

I am currently into the last 20 minutes of the job I work. I don't know if I am supposed to be depressed, I am not leaving voluntarily. Maybe someone will have to drag me out. Probably not.
I wrote an email and sent it to everyone in the building. I won't post all of it, but here are some selections.
"Today is my last day. I finish at 2pm. I have been working in the Box Office for 18 months."
"You might see me wandering aimlessly through town, hands in my pockets, seemingly with nowhere to go. If you do spot me, and I look upset, don’t approach me as I might cry."
Whatever yeah.
10 minutes left.
If anyone wants to give me a job, I will definitely consider it.
Earlier I asked people "should I start a fire, take a shit on Kathleen's (my 'manager') desk, or punch an old lady?"
I never did decide.

1 comment:

red newsom said...

I really want to see that letter. Brilliant stuff.

(Answer: All of the above)