Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Random-article-at-Wikipedia event

i am feeling warm with the heating on and getting all psyched up for halloween, but even with all this comfort and jollity i still feel like I need to do something to entertain myself. so welcome to the RANDOM-ARTICLE-AT-WIKIPEDIA EVENT.,_Marchioness_of_Pontejos
These old portrait women always seem like pale bitches. They have no chins and no 'sex', I mean, I don't feel any 'sex' when I look at these potraits. Goya doesn't know shit. He let this woman dress up and pretend to be someone else. All the ladies want to dress like Marie Antoinette because she was like Mischa Barton or some shit. Just after this portrait was painted Ana stomped on that little pug because it was a yapping little jerk.
"This article about a political party in Mali is a stub." !!! What is with that Wikipedia? You are trying to fuck up my flow or something. Fuck you. 'Convergence for Alternance and Change' is the lamest and most unsuccessful sounding name for a political party ever invented. They should change it to 'Afterbirth Party' and people would hear it and be all like "HOLY SHIT! That is wild!" and they would win more seats and in the international news on the Guardian website everyone would be in the comments section saying things about how freedom of speach in Mali is awesome.
Is this a hip-hop album themed after teen suicide? Is this a depressing film set in the East Midlands about a teacher who is wrongly accused of sleeping with a hot looking student? Is this some archaic and now redundant phrase used by old people to help me eat slowly? No, none of those things. Just some fucked up and pointless Wikipedia page about some dull and worthy charity. Someone clean up this orphan yeah?
Yes. I love Ghostbusters. It has nerds and laser beams and explosions and monsters and is set in New York like every other film. Having seen this I think I would seriously consider naming my hypothetical child Egon. And everyone would be all like "Ha, yeah, I love Ghostbusters. But Harold Ramis has directed some shit films hasn't he?" and I would say "I think his cameo in As Good As It Gets was pretty sweet, besides this kid is named after the former and final leader of East Germany. Go Communism!"

(i think it would pretty sweet if you went and had your own RANDOM-ARTICLE-AT-WIKIPEDIA EVENT. please do it. for me?)

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