Friday, 16 October 2009

Solid gold hits

Like a tangerine on steroids, I am all over.

I am building my brand. The 'Chris East' brand. I need some merchandise.

Here is a poem
Father of the Bride

I am scared of your dad
He laughed as
He threatened to kill me in my sleep
In your sleep
I told him 'fuck off'
With his hand on my shoulder
And mouth against my ear
He said quietly
'I want to make love to you'


Unknown said...

ewwww and also ooOoohh

Anonymous said...

That should be a sticker.

Turn youself into a myth.

Feel the power as your hands swell.

Unknown said...

Chris. There is a big awful man in the office today with a big terrible voice. He isn't usually here and I hate him and his voice. 'What can i do?' i thought. BRAINWAVE!!! i can listen to Chris! I am listening to Chris! At work!!!!!

red newsom said...

scary scary poem