Wednesday, 9 June 2010

no time long see

made this new website with my main girl Aimee Holmes. it is called TELL ME SOMETHING SEXY and features our collaborative artwork and I think it's pretty rad. maybe you want to have a look and say otherwise.

been absent yeah that's true. been busy though.

listening to metal right now and trying to work out using only my ears if it is raining right now. might walk to my window and put a hand out but the window is too high up really or at least the opening up part is too high up.

i miss you guys, let's hang out more.

i'm going to write a poem right now

Untitled poem about what happens after you die if you die whilst in the audience of a live sporting event and no one notices until after the event has finished
Tie dye your clothes
And find somewhere you can hide
Then live there
And I promise it will be the best
You will never sleep though
And the only food will be poisonous
So probs stay in instead

that was fun
need to go to sleep now
hope to hear from you soon


1 comment:

Ani Smith said...

i missed your poems, chris east!