Thursday, 10 March 2011

Happy hardcore isn't quite as happy as you think

Lying in bed with wet hair listening to The Rebel and keeping a firm ear ready for insight that might help or just a vaguely racist reference or something else.

Sometimes I think that I would think the phrase 'I wish I was dead' more often if I was less self-conscious and more 'emo'.

People don't like it when you are emotional.

People don't like it when you are emotional, they find it difficult to empathise. I find it difficult not to be emotional.

Got legitimately kicked in the head a couple of weeks ago and now I feel a bit weird about walking down the street but also feel like a piece of shit for feeling that way. Don't want to feel like a piece of shit anymore.

I like to use the phrases 'I would rather puke into my own hands' and 'I would rather stab myself in the dick', but of the two I think I would rather do the puking one.

Thing about feeling really happy is that when you feel unhappy it just sucks that much more.

My desktop wallpaper for some reason is a field of cauliflowers. It looks a little bit like this but not really.

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