Thursday, 1 January 2009

There's no imagination in the blues

I am fucking ill.
I am fucking ill.
I am ill and no one is listening.
There is a cliche that says men (me) demand nursing whilst women get on with it.
2009 is the year of me buying into cliche.
This one cliche at least.

David Berman just told me,

"Please don't say, that my soul has died away."

2009 is the year where I go along with what David Berman says.
When I saw the two people touching at the Mount Eerie show I thought to myself,

"Will I ever feel like that? About music and about another person, and the other person, will they feel the same way about the music? Because without total agreement and submission to the music we both love then the touching is just gratuitous and boring and obscene and a distraction, rather than Unity In Full Effect."

I want to feel like that about music.
And I want to feel like that about another person.
And I want the two to be friends.

"Sentimental as a cat's grave,
Her fucking body broke my eyes,
And she said,
I'm gonna love the hell out of you."

Last night I used a dirty t-shirt as a handkerchief.
This is why I will grow old lonely.

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Catherine said...

I've used a dirty sock as a handkerchief before now...i mean a dirty.sock. :S