Monday, 27 April 2009

chick magnet vs plunder bunny

Somehow I want more people to read CHICK MAGNET.

I do not know how to go about this. I am and always have been bad at self-promotion. Ask anyone. They will tell you "Chris East is bad at self-promotion".

I think if anyone reads this and wants to post an excerpt of CHICK MAGNET on their website or blog then they should do it. They could even claim it was their own writing before the excerpt and then appologise for lying at the end and link to the CHICK MAGNET blog.

Perhaps someone would like to take words and sentences from CHICK MAGNET and move them around and remix them and use the 'find and replace' word processor function to make it different and then they could the result DICK MAGNET or FRIDGE MAGNET or something.


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