Friday, 24 April 2009

SUN! (i don't know)

I have pain deep in body right now. I was running faster than my legs would allow and folded over double and landed on my head and my shoulder. My shoulder took the vast weight of it. The sun is out and that means volleyball and frisbee and other games not native to the United Kingdom. I don't know. It is supposed to be fun right? I am outtashape.

My money. I don't know. It is supposed to be fun right? I am still young.

If I write some things that would be a book would someone make that book? Would someone put the effort in? Would someone like me, or something written by me, enough to make it into a book? I feel like it is more 'legit' if someone else makes it, otherwise it is just masterbation right?

I am trying to force myself to work harder. I have so much free time at the moment. It is driving me insane. I started playing video games again for the first time in a while. I always find the idea of video games and their history a lot more entertaining than actually spending my time playing them. Fuck. This is not an indictment of the game playing community. I feel like an arsehole.

I am trying to force myself to work harder on CHICK MAGNET. I feel like it could be really good and I actually feel 'better' when I have written some of it. Like it is cathartic or something. I don't know. Perhaps it is 'autobiographical' maybe. Maybe parts of it. It feels good writing some things down.

I think that Cath and I are going to go to the London Zine Symposium next sunday. It will be fun and interesting. Other people should come and have fun with us. We will take copies of 'IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A MISTAKE' with us. There are other good people I already know or kinda know going. Come.


Ben Brooks said...

Its 23:52.
I want to write a blog about all of the things you could have done ever.
Maybe in the morning.

Mariana Soffer said...

Loved the representation of the sun and its planets, it always fascinated me. Here is a quote fore you:"a picture of the universe coalescing out of the Big Bang, cooling and spreading into galaxies whose structure was determined by sound waves reverberating in the cosmic fireball."