Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dreams of Bruno

Last night I had a dream where I was evacuated from the Royal Albert Hall by Frank Bruno and he said to me amongst the crowd "you need to get out of here, it is not safe for you" and then I ran off and in the crush of people I saw a man's eyes and then I was stabbed, cut from hip to armpit up my left side and I was bleeding and touched the wound but didn't feel any pain.

I think this means I have concerns about the economy.

New thing up at Writers Bloc, it concerns Lil Wayne and is called 'Why I cannot listen to rap music and write at the same time'

Also, received the Pangur Ban Party print thing through the post. It is stapled like shit. DJ Berndt has lost all my respect. All of it.

Tomorrow is one week away from some big event that I am doing. I will do a post about it tomorrow though.

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