Thursday, 16 September 2010

The internet is dead

I killed the internet.

Stoked for NYC trip. We call it 'a holiday' but I am worried that saying that in New York will shock some people to the soles of their feet. It is for this reason that I am going to start saying 'a vacation' instead.

Things I want to eat in New York:
-chilli dawg
-beef jerky
-brisket (is that a thing?)
-freedom fries

Things I want to see in New York:
-a bumper sticker with a pro-jesus slogan.
-a mugging
-someone selling watches/jewellery out of a suitcase
-the statue of liberty out of the film Ghostbusters 2
-steam coming out of the ground

Money I want to use in New York:
-a quarter
-a dime
-a nickel
-many 'benjamins'

Sports I am not interested in experiencing in New York:
-ice hockey
-football (american style)
-football (soccer style)

People I would like to meet in New York:
-Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 1 and 2
-Woody Allen
-Rudi Giulliani
-Gunther from Friends
-Tao Lin

Miscellaneous New York experiences I hope to have:
-sell crack
-drink free wine at an 'art space'
-look down on many other buildings from the top of a taller building
-click my heels on broadway

That was a series of lists


Ani Smith said...

seems great, i am jealous, have fun!

Crispin Best said...

good list good guy good life