Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Post-vacation and still jetlagged(?)

Probs not still actually jetlagged but could probs use 'a good night of sleep'

Things that I bought home with me from NYC:
- A gold 'lucha-style' wrestling mask
- 39 x records/tapes/cds
- 2 x 'I <3 NY' tees
- 'candy'
- 4 x books by/about Kurt Vonnegut
- No money
- Zines and magazines (an unknown quantity)
- 2 x books of stencils (egyptian and south american)
- much much more

Feeling pretty bummed about my lot in life right now. Started a new role at work yesterday and it consists of printing and filing the stuff I print. Feel like my brain doesn't even need to function at full capacity. Also in real life, definitely not productive enough, need to sort that out. Start making more things. Start drawing again. Gonna start a TAPE LABEL soon(ish). Wanna learn new things and read more things. Just make my brain work again yeah?

(I hate this blog post)

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