Monday, 18 October 2010


A lady tells me about how she likes 'backpacking' and I realise I don't really know what 'backpacking' is. I know what a backpack is, or a rucksack, I like the word rucksack a lot. 'Backpacking' is a verb. I would think it would mean building a backpack or preparing a backpack for use in an activity. Perhaps it is a euphemism and perhaps it doesn't actually involve an actual backpack as an object, more what a backpack represents. Backpacks a lightweight and portable and are used to carry things inside, 'backpacking' could then mean the moving of small things in a secretive fashion. Maybe it can be substituted for the word 'piggybacking' which is ugly but has some use to it. The word 'backpacking' could also be split into it's two parts, 'back' could then be interpreted to mean 'in the past' or similar, the word then being used to mean storing away things, objects or thoughts or memories, from the past, not letting them interfere or interact with the present.


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