Saturday, 23 October 2010


I have never eaten pumpking in a form which could be recognisible as pumpkin, by which I mean I have never eaten 'pieces' or 'chunks' of pumpkin, only ever eating pumpkin in the liquid or pulped form of pumpkin soup. I think it is fair to say that pumpkin is a seasonal vegetable, perhaps the most seasonal of all vegetables if you can say one vegetable is more seasonal than any other, as to my mind there are no other vegetables with a comparable seasonal connection. Often at this time of year I see unusually large or overgrown pumpkins, grown to a size that no other vegetable is allowed. Occaisionally you may see a large marrow or root vegetable but really only in competitive marrow or root vegetable growing circles. Pumpkins seem to be quite affordable for the volume of fruit you receive.

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giles ruffer said...

there is a japanese restaurant in brighton called pompoko (which i think means raccoon) that do this really amazing pumpkin croquette curry. i order it all year round. pumpkin still seems very seasonal though.

I smelt the inside of a carved out pumpkin today and it smelt like damp socks.