Monday, 15 December 2008

between my two bedroom walls there is only me

i have been wandering aimlessly around my house eating crisps and drinking chocolate milk and my housemate told me to stop being such a waste of skin and update my blog instead so i figured i would come here and write a poem
Legs Off

I fell in half because my legs came off
My legs said to my torso
"I am leaving you, you have been a terrible husband"
The torso was not impressed
"You are such a bitch, no wonder no one will ever come here for dinner parties"
They went on like this for hours
"Why will you not just admit you are wrong for once?"
"Why will you not give me back the past 25 years?"
"Why will you not give me back my self respect?"
I have no control
My torso is in so much pain, emotionally
They both make valid points
My legs are exhausted
I am exhausted when I say
"Let us all just sleep on it."


Catherine said...

your fly's undone

Chris East said...

thanks for your helpful helpful comments