Sunday, 17 May 2009

if you die

I have been away this weekend
I went to the South Coast
I went to a cove
I went to the woods
I went to a tent
I went to a restaurant
I went to a pub
I walked
I was cold
I was lucky I did not get rained on

Last week I wrote 15 poems in one afternoon
They went with a 'theme'
And they are together as a book
The book is called 'IF I KILLED YOU SO WHAT?'
If anyone would like to read it then they could email me
And I would email it to them
(I think I may add more though)

Ani Smith read it and said this:-
Ani: here's what i thought
'this is cool
'there is a lot of stuff in chris's head'
23:50 'i love this'
'holy shit'
'yeah i feel weird saying pussy too'


Ben Brooks said...

"holy shit" is a good good review.

Can you email it to me pleeeeeease bro?

Ani Smith said...
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Ani Smith said...

blurby pussy

Texas 'Tornado Hands' Paul said...

I just read this book (shown to me by a friend)

I liked it a lot. I thought it was great.

It felt like they should always be read in one sitting in that order - not as individual poems. That way the punching-grandad-in-the-dick poem is the best ender ever.

Did I mention I liked it?

xTx said...

write me an elephant story chris east or bruce springsteen will shit on your chest:

Mariana Soffer said...

didn't annie felt wierd about saying holy shirt? (isn't is even contradictory the sentence), like one part nullifies the other.
So that phrase does not exist.
Great poem chris!